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One of the main reasons screenplays fail is because of poor character development. Has an agent or producer told you that your characters are flat, unsympathetic, one-dimensional or uninteresting? Underdeveloped are often the reason why agents and producers reject scripts or clients. This does not have to happen to you! We will show you how to create memorable characters that will sell and make for amazing movie heroes or heroines. 

 For the first time, critically-acclaimed Book Whisperers, authors, and scriptwriters, Ayn & Sam Gailey, are offering their unique character development, dialogue and writing tips—previously only shared with publishers and private clients—in an exclusive online video course. They will share the same successful methods they've used to help other writers fine tune their scripts for film & TV, make it to The New York Times, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly Bestseller lists and secure top literary and film agents. 

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What others are saying:

Ayn & Sam helped me find the heart of my story and guided me through the writing and publishing process with expertise, passion and a lot of patience. Without them, my book would not have made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list.
— Lenny Dykstra: Memoir of Life on the Edge (Harper Collins)
Ayn & Sam’s work has been praised by The New York Times, Esquire, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, GoodReads, Stephen King, and editors at Penguin, Harper Collins, Running Press & Random House. 
Novel Lab was just what I needed to move my writing project forward. I started with an unwieldy amount of raw material and by the end, I had a much better grasp on the story I wanted to tell and the tools to structure it.
— Theresa H.
Novel Lab has been instrumental in helping me understand how structure, character, and themes intersect to create a powerful story. Sam and Ayn are inspiring, motivating mentors... They have reawakened in me the deep, sleeping passion to start writing again and find my true spirit. I am forever grateful to them...
— Charles S.
Ayn & Sam are unique and rare. They can write their own riveting books while also helping other writers create and complete their own stories, no matter how complex. They are also a pleasure to work with.
— Amy Schiffman, literary manager/partner, IPG (Dennis Lehane, Don Delillo, James Ellroy, Michael Connelly, Richard Russo, James Lee Burke, Sue Grafton)