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Photo by Argument/iStock / Getty Images


Have you dreamed of writing a novel for years? Have you already started a novel, but don't quite have the confidence that you will finish it?

We have been helping writers of all experience levels and have completed our own novels and non-fiction books, so we know what that is like. We have been able to help writers secure top literary agents, get their books written and published, and make it onto the New York Times and other popular bestseller lists. We ar enow opening up our home to a small group of writers who want this kind of help and support too. 

We will meet with writers once a week for 2 to 3 hours a session as a group. We will share our unique story structure ???, help  you create a story so powerful and so well structured that it will make the writing process easier.  

Intro Workshop (2015)
Workshop is limited to 8 writers total. We will guide you each session, share writing, give feedback, provide resources. This 3-month workshop will focus on structure and character development.

Intense Workshop 2016

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