For the first time, critically-acclaimed Book Whisperers and authors, Ayn & Sam Gailey, are offering their unique story structure and writing tips—previously only shared with publishers and private clients—in an exclusive five-ten person workshop and online. They are calling it Novel Lab.  Novel Lab Workshops in-person and online will share the same successful methods and mentoring they've used to help other writers make it to The New York Times Bestseller list and secure top literary agents.  They believe that the best way to help writers finish a novel or memoir with the potential to be critically-acclaimed and published is to inspire and teach them how to build characters and a story so compelling that  it provides the structure and momentum that makes it exciting to write and entertaining to read.


In 2016 they helped an author write a book that made it to The New York Times Bestseller list for several weeks in a row. They also ran a free Novel Lab workshop in LA for kids and helped a few other writers see their dreams come true.  This made them realize that helping others with their writing was as gratifying as getting their own work published. So, too, they realized that the methods they used to help and inspire writers were unique and that it would be great to share those methods on a larger scale, not only to writers and publishers who could afford fees that can range from $7k to $15k.  So they set out to figure out a way they could make that happen. Thus, Novel Lab Workshops & Novel Lab Online were born.

the who

Ayn & Sam are critically-acclaimed authors, ghost writers and editors. Their own work and projects on behalf of authors and publishers has been praised by notable critics of The New York Times, Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Elle, Kirkus Reviews, Good Reads, Esquire and by author Stephen King, amongst others. Creators of Novel Lab in Los Angeles, they have helped writers of all ages find their voice, write their stories and make their literary dreams happen. 

Ayn is a graduate of Harvard University and UCLA and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in screenwriting from UCLA Film School.  Her poignant yet humorous non-fiction book Pornology was published in the U.S. (Running Press), the UK (Random House), Germany, and Asia.  It is slated to be adapted into a film in Spring 2017.  You can read more about Ayn's writing at  Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from North Carolina. His scriptwriting has won the grand prize in Scriptapalooza and his recent novel, Deep Winter, was critically-acclaimed by all major critics in the U.S. and France, described as "Beautifully written" by The New York Times, and reviewed by Esquire Magazine as " a Michael Connelly or Lee Child novel but more literary." You can read more about Sam's writing at


Critically-acclaimed novelists and book whisperers, Ayn & Samuel Gailey's work has been praised by The New York Times, Esquire, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Good Reads, Stephen King, and editors at Random House, Harper Collins, Running Press, William Morrow and more.